How To Cat Proof Your Home

Is just over three weeks now since we moved into our new home in the UK, and as the saying goes ….. so far so good!

HUGE requirement for us was to make sure that we made the move as seamless, safe and stress free for our own pets, and to that end we appear to achieved three ticks!

They have all settled brilliantly, and are pretty much just carrying on with their lives as normal. It is certainly colder than they were used to, and their accommodation is significantly bigger, but their daily patterns have remained the same, and they have even more ‘things’ to occupy them.

I want to highlight (and recommend) two local companies that we have worked with before, for their help in the process.

Once again we used Cat Climbing Towers for internal and external climbing trees, and some wall shelves for outdoors.

We used Protecta Pet for the garden with both a Catio that provides 24/7 access to fresh air for the cats, and secure brackets and fencing for the garden. We also got them to make some window guards that we designed.

Secure Window Gate
Secure Window Gate and Internal Cat Tree
External Cat Tree
Security Fence and Wall Beds
Catio, Cat Trees and Wall Beds

So …….. I thought that the informatic below from our friends over at Sainsburys Bank – Money Matters was worth sharing with you:


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