How to Celebrate Pet Parents on Mother’s Day

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother, according to Oprah Winfrey. For those of us with furry children, we know this all too well. The same motherly instincts kick in whether our children are of human, canine or feline descent. Like these celeb pet parents, you know a little something about spoiling your four-legged counterparts. This Mother’s Day, How about spoiling yourself, or a pet mom in your life, with celebrity treatment. Here’s how we imagine these famous pet parents will be spending their special day:


Amanda Seyfried never misses an opportunity to dine with her best friend and pooch, Finn. If your favorite eatery includes a doggy menu, celebrate a Mother’s Day meal with your loyal companion. Treat yourself (or the pet mom in your life) to brunch at a pet friendly establishment. You know Fido would fit the bill if he could, but you’ll have to settle for unconditional love instead. It’s hard to believe, but not all food establishments welcome tail-wagging customers. Before you leave the house, visit for a list of pet-friendly restaurants near you.

More Than Words

You and your fur-child have a special bond, one which requires no words. As your ultimate companion and best friend, you know your pet is there for you through thick and thin. Just ask Taylor Swift’s BFF, Meredith. As Swifts’ sidekick, this cat could write a tell-all book on the famed country star. Instead, we bet this loyal feline would shower her celeb mom with a beautiful card to express her love. When words can’t express how you feel, an e-card from Sloppy Kiss Cards makes a perfect pet-approved mother’s day gift you can send to yourself (from the pet of course) or send to a fur-mom you know and love.

Presidential Treatment

Two lucky dogs, Bo and Sunny Obama, love spending their afternoons smelling the roses of the White House gardens. If they could, they’d show their love for pet mom, Michelle Obama, with a hand-picked Mother’s Day bouquet. Those of us without a grand display of roses to pick from can still share the sentiment. Show your puppy love with a hand delivered Mother’s Day bouquet from FTD. Seal it with woofs and kisses for a treat that’s straight from the heart.

Do Good-ers

Remember that fateful day that changed your life? The day you rescued your fur-baby from the animal shelter, you did more than bring home a companion, you saved a life. Much like Katherine Heigls’ lucky pets, we’d bet your furry friends would like to celebrate your day by giving back to other pets in need. Founder of The Jason Debus Heigl foundation, Heigl is on a mission to eliminate the needless suffering inflicted on animals by human cruelty, indifference and ignorance. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of life (to yourself or a pet parent you look up to) with a donation to this foundation or a charity of your choice.

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