How To Send Holiday Photos Of Pets

There is no doubt that we live in the age of cameras. There was a time, long, long ago, when photos were only taken for special occasions and events. But, now, with the advancement of cell phone camera technology, the wide proliferation of digital camera technology and the ability to share photos via the internet with whomever you want, whenever you want, no matter where they may be located. Once upon a time, photos were expensive and a hassle. You had to buy film for the camera, and then pay for them to be developed, and then you were not even sure if the photos came out properly. But, that all changed with digital camera technology.

Now, people take photos of everything, no matter how mundane they may be. People take pictures of the food their eating, a funny thing that they saw on the street, and pretty much everything else. One trend, especially when the holiday season comes about, is people dressing up their animals in holiday clothing and then taking a picture of them. If you have Facebook, or any other kind of social networking site, then odds are you have seen these photos a million times. There are all kinds of ways to share holiday pet photos with your friends, family members and loved ones- here are a few of the best ones available on the internet:

Dropbox is perhaps the most famous and easiest to use cloud storage service available on the internet. Essentially, the cloud storage works as any kind of storage would, except it is completely online based. The cloud service lets you store anything you want on it, including holiday pet photos, and then you can link your Dropbox account with friends and family in order to share those photos with them. All you do is drop the file into a folder, share that folder with another user, and voila! Holiday pet photos in no time! Easy as pie.

It seems like everyone on the planet has a Facebook account these days, so it is perhaps the most popular way to share holiday pet photos online. The social networking site allows you to upload photos from your computer and then share them with all of your friends on your Facebook account.

This site is pretty much like Facebook, but for photos. You can upload photos from your phone and then share them with everyone that is following your Instagram account. The program is free to use, easy to use and has a ton of customizable options available at your fingertips. This site is perfect for sharing holiday pet photos.

Greg is a freelance writer for a variety of internet based publications (blogs, educational web sites, forums, etc,) and also newspapers and magazines. He is the proud parent of a Chocolate Lab, which he admits he takes holiday photos with all the time. He is a big time user of all of the applications mentioned above.

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