Hundreds of stabbed dolphins splashed in their own blood as they slowly died

The waters off the coast of the Faroe Islands literally ran red on the night of September 12, filled with the blood of almost 1,500 dolphins that were mercilessly chased, cornered, and then brutally stabbed to death. That Sunday evening, boats surrounded the terrified, fleeing, thrashing pod of dolphins. They chased them into shallow enough water so that their terrible task could be performed, then they took out their knives and began. Dolphins were stabbed, shivering and left to bleed out; some of their spines were severed so they were paralyzed but fully conscious as they slowly died. By the end, 1,428 dolphins were dead.

The Faroe Islands make up an autonomous region in the Kingdom of Denmark, and these hunts, known as “the grind” or Grindadrap in Faroese, began in the 9th century when our oceans had not yet been pillaged of nearly all their resources and whaling still happened on a small, sustainable scale to support small communities of people. But in recent history, these hunts have been criticized by animal rights activists as needless, cruel, and totally unsustainable. And this record high death toll has given even some supporters of the hunt pause. That’s how vast the cruel slaughter was — even the chairman of the Faroese Whalers Association said, “It was a big mistake.”

Obviously, this event is no longer necessary, appropriate, or able to be regulated in a way where animals don’t suffer. Sign the petition and demand that the European Union outlaw this bloody, unsustainable, cruel tradition — ban the Grindadrap!

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