Ice’s handlers sent him in to be stabbed twice!

Ice, the sweet Belgian Malinois with a giant goofy grin, did not know why he was sent into the forest on that summer day. He was just following the commands of the person who trained him, spent his days with him, and who was supposed to keep him safe. Ice followed orders, chasing down a person who stabbed the sweet pup brutally, over and over, a total of 9 times. The incident left Ice’s head battered and one of his cute, perky ears in tatters. This violence is unwarranted, tragic, and avoidable. Sign the petition if you want the U.S. Forest Service to retire Ice at once, and to stop using dogs altogether to do their jobs for them!

Ice is a police dog with the U.S. Forest Service, and the day he was attacked his officer made him chase down someone who was growing marijuana — a substance that is legal in the state of California. Drug crimes are not inherently violent — police did not need to send an innocent animal in to be harmed over drugs. Even worse, this isn’t the first time Ice has been stabbed during such a raid. Clearly his handlers just don’t care. Their actions are dangerous, thoughtless, and are to blame for what happened to this sweet dog. Sign now to demand justice for Ice!


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