Imprisoned behind bars: major new investigation

Do you expect all mother pigs farmed in countries which claim to be world leaders in animal welfare to be able to move freely and express their natural behaviours? To be free from pain and suffering?

Nothing could be further from the truth. We went undercover on pig farms across four EU countries, including suppliers for world-renowned products like Parma and Bayonne Ham. The caged conditions we found were nothing short of hellish.

This new investigation is yet more strong evidence that there is poor welfare in a cage and no animal should be imprisoned behind bars.

Please take action today and call on EU Ministers to End the Cage Age.

In 2019, we exposed the grim reality for thousands of sows in the UK who were forced to give birth and rear their young in farrowing crates. Today’s findings show this same suffering endured by animals across Europe. And, in the EU, many sows are also trapped in cramped stalls for four weeks of pregnancy.

Last year, the European Commission committed to introduce legislation to phase out caged farming. But they’ve been lobbied hard by opponents of a ban, and the support of all EU member states is vital if we really are to free over 300 million animals from cages. Britain is no longer in the EU, but suffering knows no boundaries so we must urge Ministers across the continent to End the Cage Age.

Ending caged farming in the EU is also crucial to set a precedent for other parts of the world. Not least for the UK, where the Government has promised action but so far not even launched consultations on cages for sows and hens.

Please speak out today to help lead the EU, and the world, out of the Cage Age.

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