In Australia, dogs roast in cars but you can’t help

Did you know you could go to jail just for trying to save a dog’s life? In the “Down Under,” summers get hot. But unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from leaving their pets in cars. Even in cooler temperatures, locking a dog inside a vehicle can be deadly. In fact, the thermostat can rocket to 90 degrees Fahrenheit — or hotter — inside the cabin in a matter of minutes, even when it’s only 70 outside. And these temperatures quickly turn fatal for our beloved pets. But if you try to be a good Samaritan and save a dog locked in a hot car in Australia, you could land yourself in hot water.

Breaking a car’s window to rescue a broiling animal is still considered destruction of property, and you could be prosecuted for the criminal offense of ‘intentional or reckless damage.’ The sentence is five to six years in jail if found guilty. But losing six years of your freedom for trying to do what’s right makes no sense. The safety of our pets, just like the safety of our children, should be non-negotiable. Demand that Australia create a federal law to guarantee the right to save an animal when it is locked in an “auto oven.” Please sign this petition and show your support for a national hot dog law in Australia.

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