Innocent animals paid the price for this lab’s egregious mistakes

Multiple Animals Died Painful and Preventable Deaths in University of Florida Laboratories

Researchers at the University of Florida are allegedly responsible for the painful — and unnecessary — deaths of multiple animals due to mismanaged, reckless experimentation. This must end now!

In one case, two dogs died from severe medical emergencies after lab staff claimed that an experimental procedure they subjected the animals to supposedly “went smoothly.” In an additional instance, a lab mistake meant rats received a dose of medication that was five times the approved amount.

Yet another time, researchers chose to intentionally burn and scald 24 mice — subjecting them to unconscionable injuries. Five died, while the rest had to live with their pain and maiming. For yet another experiment, staff tortured multiple other mice with “unapproved” procedures to intentionally create traumatic brain injuries.

These practices were so egregious, even the University of Florida itself issued statements condemning the work. Yet somehow, it’s allowing this laboratory to continue functioning anyway!

The University of Florida must shut down this hellish laboratory now. Sign the petition to protect innocent, helpless animals from terror, pain, torture, and death!

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