Integrating Dinky Donuts

It is just over two weeks now since we moved Dinky and her Donuts into the Office.

Initially they were in a pet pen in the Office, then we started to allow them out while we were in the Office, the we allowed them out during the day when we were at home but they were in the pen at night, and after ten days we removed the pen and gave them free access to the Office.

They are all very much at home. The Donuts as you would expect have no fear or inhibitions and now they bigger we can here them running around as we have wooden floors. A manic 10 mins is usually followed by a quiet sleep for a couple of hours. They are still taking milk from Dinky but they are also eating dry and wet food, and are using all the toys, pods, baskets beds and climbing trees with gusto!

Dinky is doing really well. Still timid she has no issue being picked up and held but is a way off been comfortable enough to curl up on a knee. She does move around the Office a lot more while we are sat at desks, and comes out to get her food as we are putting it down. All good signs!

We have allowed Tito into the office a few times to see how they all reacted and have been no issues. We occasionally take one of the Donuts to meet one of the cats or dogs, and both Marti and Mori have been into the office.

No drama or unexpected reactions yet: Fleur has been better than we thought, Kasper spat and hissed as expected. Mori & Marti gave them a good sniff. Tobi ran away at the first meow and Oscar and Dusky have yet to meet them.

One noticeable thing compared to when we had house guests in Spain is that our lot have paid very little attention to the fact that they no longer have access to the office. Thin this is a function of the size of the Cottage and the comfort levels they all now have …. encouraging but not to be taken for granted.

In a couple of weeks we will start the vaccinations and sterilise Dinky and once she recovered from that and is no longer feeding the Donuts we will see how she is moving around the Cottage.

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