Introducing Tigra

Meet Tigra, the abandoned Galga that was rescued by 112 Carlota Galgos, and who Sands and I have been sponsoring since she was brought to them: nervous, timid, starving and in need of lots of love.

Charlotte del Rio as ever worked wonders with her, and despite the set back of a broken leg (now healed) we were able to pick Tigra up as originally planned on the 30th July 2013. The plan had always been to have her over the summer so we could make sure that she was OK with Teo and the cats, and that we were OK with a second dog. Originally we were going to take the whole of August off from transports so we could both spend time with her, but I am now doing a Belgium, Germany, Bosnia and France transport on the 9th August. That gives us about 10 days to see how it all settles down, with Plan B being that she goes back to Charlotte for the time I am away if necessary.

So far so good though! Teo has befriended her straight away (they had met before we brought her home), and she certainly likes the new man in her life. The cats have been brilliant: Oscar and Kasper have let her know who’s the boss, the rest have just carried on as normal, and she has shown no signs of aggression towards them at all.

She has settled into the apartment straight away: follows us around a lot and likes to sleep under the desk when we in the study and close to us at other times. Has been eating well, good on the lead and no problems with other people or dogs when out walking.

We are both amazed at how friendly and confident she is with us. Nervous of others which we expected but with us she just has so much love to give.


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