Introducing Tobi


We ‘found’ Tobi a week ago (21st June 2016) as we were walking from the van to the vets (Animalfiso) with Teo and Tigra.

I heard the cry of a small kitten and tracked it down to inside the engine of a parked car …. which was just about to be driven away by a woman. She was very helpful, as was her husband, in so much as they allowed me to spend 90 minutes dismantling the under side of the engine to release the little fella.

For those that like to believe in fate: he is very similar to sweet little Sophie apart from being black (she was grey), and like her it was his meow that drew my attention to him and subsequently saved him.

In the apartment his mannerisms and nature are very similar to hers, and he likes a lot of the same locations …. but then again they both very young kittens so no real surprise.

Unlike Sophie though Tobi is a feisty little fella and takes no nonsense from the others, in particular Tigra who is desperate to play with him, and Kapser who has tried it on a few times, but has been given as good as he gave!

So the first week has been really good and he is already sleeping out of the cage amongst the others. As you would expect quite a few photos and videos over on the Facebook Page so feel free to take a look.

For now though little fella ……. welcome to the family

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