Is your cat scared of fireworks?

Can’t say I am a big fan of fireworks. In Spain they were a regular event as they were used to celebrate weddings, fiestas, parties, sporting success (and failure) so I think we and the animals got used to them, plus we lives far enough from the marina for them to not be a huge issue. We did, however, always try and be home when we knew they would be set off.

Here in the UK we have, so far, been lucky as we don’t live anywhere near enough to the organised events that take place and am not sure we have ever heard one.

Good tips though from the Cats Protection.

With the nights drawing in and autumn in full swing, it will soon be firework season but for cats, bonfire night can leave them feeling stressed.

When Cats Protection asked about the effect of fireworks, 63% of owners said their cat is adversely affected by fireworks in some way, including hiding, running away or increased jumpiness.

Our tips for helping keeping your cat calm include:

  • close curtains, turn the TV or radio on, and occupy them with toys or games.
  • provide your cat with lots of cosy hiding places and give them a ‘cat curfew’ so they’re less likely to stumble across a noisy display. Don’t forget to provide food and water bowls and a litter tray.
  • plug in a FELIWAY Optimum or Classic Diffuser where your cat spends most of their time – aim to plug in the diffuser BEFORE expected fireworks displays.
  • allow your cat to hide, somewhere like a cardboard box, cosy bed or even a favourite cupboard and don’t disturb them.
Firework night advice video >

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