It Just Takes 3

Galgo del Sol (Rescuing & Returning Galgos to Their Rightful Place in Our Hearts) are a Preferred Transport Partner of ALStrays and we are more than happy to support their latest fundraising campaign It Just Takes 3 (a Facebook Group).

They are in the process of building a Galgo Rescue for their 100+ Galgos in the Murcia region of Spain, and having secured the land they now require funds for the Stage 1 build, and they are up against a deadline as usual!

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Oh my goodness, here we go, our next rollercoaster ride along with YOU friends! 16 dogs a day has been a slow but rip-roaring success – YAY – WONDERFUL! We can’t stop now though. The lease on the finca has only 10 months to run and as building will take around 5 months, I am sure you can do the maths, we must get moving and we need your help! We have just realised that if all of our 20,000 supporters were able to give us just 3 euros (that is about $3.2 dollars or £2.16) we would have enough to complete the WHOLE FIRST PHASE! We know that not everyone’s budget can stretch to a sponsorship or an auction item but we are hoping that most can forego a coffee or a cake and help us instead, with just 3 euros. This Events Page starts tomorrow 15th April and YOU ARE ALL INVITED. When you donate your three euros please write the reason why you support GDS on the this page (not the main page) and we will randomly pick one of your quotes each day & make it the banner picture on the main GDS page. Make it as funny ,outrageous or as serious as you like. The first one is already up! We will track donations and give you regular updates on our progress, a bit like the Blue Peter thermometer and sorry but more crazy videos on the way to keep you all motivated. You may have to send that three euros just to make us stop! So come and join us, fun for everyone at the It Just Takes Three Event.
To make your donation of JUST THREE EUROS follow this link
then write your quote on the events page as to why you support GDS.

Here are the individual PP addresses or follow the link above!

Paypal EU/AU
Paypal USA
Paypal UK

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