It’s International Tiger Day, but tigers in the U.S. are suffering

This International Tiger Day, Tell U.S. Lawmakers to Finally Protect Big Cats!

Many of us use social platforms like TikTok and Instagram to watch endless videos of cute animals. While much of the content is harmless, there has been a growing following of exotic animals and big-cat accounts. Fueling the fire of this problem is the fact that, unbelievably, It is still legal to own a pet tiger in many parts of the United States — or any big cat for that matter! And many people don’t know about the cruel reality of keeping a wild animal in captivity. The Big Cat Public Safety Act aims to address this — it would prohibit private individuals from owning big cats as well as prohibit the public from petting, playing with, and feeding them.

In honor of Global Tiger Day, sign the petition urging Congress to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act!

Since 1990, there have been hundreds of horrifying incidents involving captive big cats. With the rise of social media, the attention-grabbing stunt of owning an exotic animal can seem exciting. But viewers don’t understand the animal neglect and straight up abuse that goes into keeping these exotic creatures. “In the best-case scenario, the animals need to be given up. In the worst-case, owners could get hurt and animals can die without proper care.” People often lose limbs or lives. Lions, tigers, and other big cats spend their days languishing in dull, restrictive environments, unable to exhibit their natural wild behaviors, causing them immense psychological and even physical harm. Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act in honor of Global Tiger Day!

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