It’s time for SeaWorld to finally close and the abuse to end

Humans do not need to use animals for entertainment in any circumstances.

In June of 2022, SeaWorld’s annual shareholders meeting was shaken up by beloved punk musician Joan Jett, who delivered a statement shedding light on yet another one of SeaWorld’s horrific crimes against the animals who are held captive there. It is no secret that SeaWorld treats their animals terribly — and the park is no stranger to a bad reputation. But Joan Jett’s statement is a reminder that we cannot take the pressure off of our governing agencies, and we must demand this glorified sea creature prison be shut down once and for all!

Sign the petition to stand with Joan Jett and demand the USDA-APHIS shut down SeaWorld once and for all!

In Jett’s statement, she called out the park for its alleged sexual abuse of dolphins and whales. These iconic, wild sea mammals are forced to undergo horrific forced breeding in which females are literally drugged so that they cannot fight back against the humans who are forcing them to be inseminated. 

SeaWorld is clearly in violation of a whole slew of animal welfare policies, and it is time the department do what the public has been urging them to do for so many years: shut the institution down for good. Sign the petition now to tell the USDA-APHIS: close down SeaWorld now!

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