Jasper’s Missing Balls!

Today was meant to be a quiet day, but Pam rang me early this morning to say that one of our semi-ferals was limping badly, and she was worried he may have broken his leg. I therefore arranged for him to go up to Miguel, as we had been planning on castrating him soon anyway, AND I also arranged for him to spend a few days at Gisela’s cat rescue to recuperate.

Pam however got a surprise when she went to pick him (now named Ginger Jasper) up later. Miguel had found nothing serious wrong with his leg, so we are assuming he has just badly bruised it, and more mysteriously he found no sign of testicles!!! Either this cat has already been castrated or something is not quite as it should be. Here the language barrier becomes a slight problem, as Pam and I had definitely identified him as male.

Anyway we decided to go ahead and put him in a cage at Gisela’s for a few days to rest his leg and give us time to understand the mystery better. Nicola and I are going to help Gisela on Friday for a couple of hours and will check on him then.

Meanwhile the 4 baby kittens are eating and playing well, and the 4th one has now been sprayed with Frontline so all is well.

And finally I can report that I have seen in the distance the first of Mimi’s kittens. It is GORGEOUS! It has slightly longer hair and is mainly white with some black patches, and with the same big bright green eyes as it’s mother, grandmother (my Saidi) and probable uncle (my Mori)! I wonder when the others will venture out?

3 thoughts on “Jasper’s Missing Balls!

  1. Chris

    LOL fear enables us to do amazing things!!!!

  2. Pam Roberts

    I must admit that Nicola – our new young neighbour is totally fearless when it comes to catching feral cats – I had just drawn up outside Jaspars ‘local’ when Nicola pounced on him and I hardly had time to get the cage out of the car.Not a happy cat once in the cage – turned round and round and growled like mad.However we got him up to see Miguel and he was sedated right away – on going back at 2 pm Miguel said he had either been done or didnt have any testicles and his leg was probably badly bruised.So a couple of days at Gisela’s in a cage and resting his leg can only do him good and then we can release him again.He will be safe and out of harms way with food and water and warm .

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