Jassa Has A Home!

Beautiful Jassa

FINALLY jassa has a good home, after all the problems with Mimmy cat not liking him in his foster home. Kerstin sent the following email a few days ago:

“Jassa has a new home… I will bring him on Thursday evening to her new family… They are very lovely… The foster home is happy about that because she met Tina and her boy friend on the last weekend… The foster home said that he will have a very good home with these people… I am very happy and I will try to take photos on Thursday…”

I was SO pleased to receive this news as Jassa is a gorgeous, loving BIG cat. He was abandoned by the french waiter from La Calleta up in Villas Blancas and then rescued by George. I don’t personally understand how anyone can abandon an animal, but Jassa’s case is even more of a mystery as EVERYONE who meets him loves Jassa. He is SO loving and likes to put his paws on you and come up for a kiss and cuddle!

Today I received Kerstin’s pictures of Jass in his new home and all looks well. She did say that Jassa was already having some ‘lessons’ in his new home: “Jassas lessons – first evening he learns not to spring on the table… next days he has to learn the word “NO”… :o))))”, SO maybe his parents are not going to be as soft as Chris and I! However I’m sure he will catch on fast, learn the language and be very happy. He certainly deserves to be.

Jassa In His New home

Jassa In His New home

Jassa In His New home

3 thoughts on “Jassa Has A Home!

  1. Chris

    My admiration and respect for the girls in Germany grows and grows!!!

    In a totally shit world what you guys are achieving is tremendous xx

  2. Mary

    Looks like Jassa has definitely adopted his adoptees! I am sure he will give them lots of pleasure as he really is a lovely cat. I suspect he will pick up German quickly as he has already mastered Spanish, French and English!

  3. Sands Post author

    Good point about the languages as his original owner was French, and since then he has had to contend with English, Spanish, German (at the Casa) and English with a very Scottish accent from Jean and George! Actually on the German front have suggested that Britta mainly speaks to Charlie in German!!!

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