16/10/12: I already have news and photos of Jayden in her forever home. It is very easy to see that all is just fine. She is SO sweet and affectionate, it must have been horrible for her at Pechina. On arrival she took a little time to emerge from her cat box and then she started to slowly explore the house. She acknowledged the house cat and dog with no problems and them seemed very focused on catching up on all the cuddles that she had missed while she was at the protectora. Her family are very very happy with her. Enjoy the photos. I love the one with her adoptant’s son who I have the feeling will be her new best buddy!

10/10/12: This is Jayden, another lovely cat from SOS Pechina. We took her out just over a week ago to make her more presentable before she traveled on Saturday to her adoptant in Germany. When I saw her the week before this she had big stuck together clumps of fur on her back, normally caused by flea irritation and excess licking. Pam and I have been thoroughly enjoying this little character cat, and you can see from the latest photos I took yesterday that she is looking much better.

We cut away all her bad fur and brushed out the dead skin. She now looks like she has had a slightly bad haircut! He adoptants will be pleasantly surprised as Kerstin had sent them the ‘bad’ photos. They are also going to adore her as she is the most affectionate funny little cat. She has been signed off by vet Miguel as completely healthy and diarrhoea free, and has charmed her way out of her cage to be mostly in Pam and John’s living room.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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