Jerry & Margo

22/10/12: Jerry and Margo traveled to their new home on the 13.10 transport. I have just received great new photos of 2 very relaxed, happy looking cats! “The Adoptans are very happy. J & M are inquisitive, playful, cuddly and follow them almost the whole day. At night they sleep in bed with them.
26/09/12: Jerry and Margo now have a family waiting for them in Germany. I think their latest photos sealed the deal! Check out the gallery below.
31/07/12: These pretty kittens (now about 3 months old) were very lucky to be found and handed in to the local vet in Turre near Mojacar. They and been tied into a bag and left in a rubbish bin. This happens a lot in Spain and is a horrible practice. These are tame kittens so somebody must have had them in their home, before effectively dumping them. Now they are safe with Matt, are both very healthy and playful, and will be ready to travel on the next transport 08.09. They just need a family to fall in love with them.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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