Kasper Gets a Garden

Great news for Kasper; his new home is in a house with a garden, AND he has an ‘older woman’. I asked Kerstin in Germany about his new home as Pam was worried he wouldn’t have enough of the company he craves. I also wanted to tell her that he now recognises the new name (Kasper) that we gave him. These emails came through this evening.

“Caesar is not alone. He gets a girl-friend ( I think she is a little bit older than Caesar/ Kasper): We will tell the adoptant the his new name when they meet us next weekend in Graefenhausen. No problem. The woman is very lovely. I think he will get a great home… “

the new adoptant of Kasper – she works as an event manager, 32 years old, has her own house with 140 square metres and a garden, has a husband Jon (36) – is working at home and together they have 2 children (Eva 5 and Maia 2,5 years old), her parents live in the next house (so no problem for holidays) and the other cat is Sardi (10 years old) – found as a kitten in the past…”

Lucky cat … all sounds fantastic!


1 thought on “Kasper Gets a Garden

  1. Chris

    Excellent news!!!

    Again they girls in Germany are brilliant!

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