Kasper, Harvey & Greta Away!


Gorgeous Greta

Just back from a well-earned breakfast with Pam, having got up at 6am to take Harvey, Greta and Kasper to the transport to Germany.

All went well and they will by now be well on their way. I am always sad to see them go, but happy too that they have a better future ahead of them. Kasper has a family waiting for him, and Harvey and Greta will go to a foster home, from where we hope they will find a ‘forever home’ together. This is all great, but I am always a little worried until I get news of their safe arrival with the girls in Germany, and that will not be until tomorrow morning. This is a long trip for our poor cats in a van load of dogs, but to date all have arrived safe and well, SO watch this space for good news in about 24 hours.

Enjoy these pictures of Greta (mostly new ones that I took at Jean and George’s), and my favourite pictures of Harvey and Kasper. Harvey decided not to have new photos taken as he had been upset by Felix, one of Jean and George’s cats, (final photo) and decided to hide under the bed the whole time I was there!


Gorgeous Greta


Gorgeous Greta


Gorgeous Greta


Brother Harvey




Naughty Felix

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3 thoughts on “Kasper, Harvey & Greta Away!

  1. Pam Roberts

    It was a bit touch and go this morning as John and I had fallen completely under Kasper’s spell – I have never known such an affectionate cat – always had to be on my knee or stretched over John.Ate everything put in front of him – no ‘fussy pussy’ about him at all.If he doesnt settle in his new home we would willingly take him back – even Capone is looking around for him as they chased all over the flat.Kasper didnt have an aggressive bone or claw in his body.Safe journey you lovely cat.

  2. Sands Post author

    Yep he was a sweetheart BUT he did seem to have had a slight personality transformation from when we originally christened him Monster Mog, at least with relation to other cats. This IS the same Mog who had poor Monty hanging from a tree by one paw, because he chased him so much!!!

  3. Chris

    LOL they all have split personalities don’t they!!!

    He was certainly extremely friendly when I saw him.

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