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Surprisingly Sweet Kasper

Kasper has settled brilliantly at Pam’s and as you can see from her latest comment, has turned into rather a sweetheart, whom she seems to be very fond fond of!

This is a most unusual cat – he just craves affection and every evening when he joins up with my 3 cats and dog he jumps onto my knee and refuses to move – he gazes up at me and trills. He gets on well with my menagerie and wants to play with my huge male cat Capone and just ignores my dog. He eats anything put in front of him, loves to be brushed and never never stops talking and is definitely a ‘people’ cat. He wouldn’t survive if left on his own all day so hope he can be re-homed with a ’stay at home’ person.


Surprisingly Sweet Kasper


Surprisingly Sweet Kasper


Surprisingly Sweet Kasper

No wonder he was SOoo unhappy out on the street with no human contact, and we certainly didn’t give him much love at the beginning, as he used to terrorise out stray cats, and we initially thought he had a home. I know think the poor boy was being extra ‘alpha male’ because he was so stressed out by his new environment! Now he seems a loving cat, but with his confidence returning, he still retains some alpha qualities, unlike sweet Capone who really is a big cuddly softie!


Cuddly Capone

2 thoughts on “Kasper Photos

  1. Chris

    I met Kasper this week, and he is certainly a remarkably affectionate cat!!

    he really will make someone a great companion …… if he can be prized away from Pam 🙂

  2. Shiela madrigal

    This cat is so cute and adorable as well. I love to own a cat but my brother hate cats.

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