Keep Beagle Suffering out of Yorkshire

In North Yorkshire, animal lovers fought back against the construction of a “beagle farm” that would have raised dogs for experiments. Now, the site owner is fighting to build the farm anyway.

Whether it’s for cosmetic or medical purposes, dogs used for scientific experiments are often subjected to horrifying neglect and cruelty. Most never know what it feels like to have their chins scratched or to roll in the grass in the sunshine. They certainly haven’t had the chance at a loving family every dog deserves. That’s why it’s so important that we stand against both the research itself and the companies that breed the dogs who spend nearly their whole lives trapped in labs.

When one such company proposed building a “beagle farm” in a Yorkshire town, the locals said NO. The people of Grimston had no desire to live in the same village as a factory for suffering, where sweet, good-natured beagles would be bred to be sold to the highest bidder. East Riding councillors listened to those pleas and rejected the proposal from estate managers Yorkshire Green, who were tr ying to build the facility on behalf of the animal supplier B&K Universal.

Thousands of animals were saved by the decision. Unfortunately, though, they’re not out of the woods yet. Yorkshire Green is appealing the decision, claiming that the farm would create jobs for the area.

There are plenty of ways to improve the local economy without causing pain for thousands of gentle animals. Ask the UK Planning Inspectorate to reject Yorkshire Green’s appeal and keep their community free from suffering!

You can sign the care2 petition here


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