Kiri Travelling In Luxury

Today the last of our Almerimar kittens set off for Germany. This was Kiri who we rescued on November 15th and has been very well looked after since by Annie and Alan.

She is an absolutely gorgeous little tabby of about 4 months, and with a very loud singing voice, hence I named her after an opera singer!

This I have not told to Roya, who has gamely volunteered to take her on the plane to Munich with her today. I am sure all will be fine as Kiri has had a little ‘calming’ tablet this morning, but we are all waiting to hear how Roya gets on, particularly as she is the first person from Almerimar to take one of our cats on a plane.

For Kiri this is luxury transport as, although she will be 6-7 hours with a change of plane, this is SO much better that 24 hours in a van with about a 100 dogs! I will however be eagerly waiting for news of her safe arrival, and I hope that both she and Roya have a good flight!


9 thoughts on “Kiri Travelling In Luxury

  1. Chris

    Hope you booked Kiri a ‘special meal’ 🙂 Impressed with Roya, and will be interesting to see how it works out.

    Maybe you could all arrange a trip over to Germany next year to meet the girls there and have a bit of a ‘girls weekend’ and that way take another 6 or so cats with you.

    Can just see it now a whole bunch of you travelling with cats 🙂

  2. Sands Post author

    Not a bad idea! I’m also very impressed with Roya. I know that she was really nervous about taking Kiri, and she is traveling alone so no morale, but she is doing it which is great.

  3. Sands Post author

    Just heard from Cony that all is well:
    “Hello Sandra,
    Roya and Kiri arrived well , we met at once, no problem.
    Kiri is such a nice kitten, thanks for saving her…”
    Cony is thanking me and I keep wanting to thank all the girls in Germany for doing such a great job for our cats.

  4. Chris

    Excellent news, and kudos to Roya!!! Good to know that this option works so well 🙂

  5. Pam Roberts

    I think that is the best idea that Chris has come up with for a long time, a weekend in Germany meeting the other ‘cat ladies’ sounds just the thing.I think Roya was fantastic taking Kiri – I must admit I had grave doubts about the feasability of it all and it has apparently worked out OK.Another happy cat with a new home.Now we have to get to work on the rest of the cats and after my son and daughter in law have returned to the Uk its all stations go!!!!

  6. Chris

    Go for it, will be nice to have some peace and quiet here 🙂

    Don’t fel you have to limit it to a weekend though!!!!

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