Kitten abandonment season is in full swing.

Please don’t just assume a box or bag is empty and walk past! Someone Tied Four Baby Kittens into a Plastic Bag, Abandoned Them, and Left Them to Die.

Spring is a time of new births: flowers, trees, birds, and even kittens. But it’s also a season of kitten abandonment. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes into contact with kittens wants them. And far too often, those baby animals wind up discarded in boxes and bags, left to die. That was the case with one litter of four tiny kittens whose owner had shoved them in a plastic grocery bag, tied it shut, and left it on the side of the road. Luckily, a passerby noticed the bag was wriggling and chose to open it up. If it hadn’t been for that person’s care and curiosity, those little animals almost surely would have starved or asphyxiated to death, and fast.

That’s not even the only example of such heartbreaking cruelty. During warmer months, kittens are dumped all over the U.S. — and even around the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If someone can’t take care of an animal, the best way forward is to find a local animal shelter that can accept the animals. Unfortunately, though, not all shelters have space — some are already filled to the max. That’s why we need more funding for animal shelters, so there can be room for all animals until they find a new, loving home! U.S. state governments must provide more funding for local animal shelters. Sign the petition to help discarded kittens survive!

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