Kitten Update 02/02/09

It has been over a week since my last “>kitten update, and today Bono and 3 of the Almerimar 5 were back at the vet’s.

Bono remains a problem. His mouth is definitely better but it is VERY slow progress. Begona has only seen a similar condition in dogs and keeps telling us to be patient as it can take up to 6 weeks, and we are only at 3.5 so far. As he is slowly putting on weight we know we are syringing enough food into him, and it also means we can slightly increase his cortisone dosage.

Soon we will have to make a decision about maybe a manipulation attempt under anesthetic, or an alternative but slightly riskier treatment. For the time being we continue to support him as we have been doing and we have agreed to review him again in another week. Mary and I are helping with feeds, but Pam is bearing the brunt of this one, so well done to her and for all of us here’s hoping we eventually get a good outcome. I for one am very fond of the little fellow.

Also at the vet’s this evening were Felix, Jasper and Bruno. Jasper has had his plaster removed after 2 weeks to reveal a rather withered little leg. The good news is it semed to have mended fine, and he straight away put a little weight on it. Begona said that he will do his own physiotherapy, as he will soon be running around on it.

Little Felix (the smallest) boy is still struggling with his chest and has had another anti-inflammatory injection and will continue his antibiotics for 3 more days. On Thursday Begona will assess whether he is ready to start his vaccinations in readiness for Germany. If not then this little fellow will probably be with us into March.

Bruno was also checked over as he has started to sneeze again. No temperature but slightly inflammed gums, so he now has antibiotics and we are keeping an eye on him too! Once again I felt very pleased that I decided to pick them all up as the cold weather certainly seemed to have got to them and both Jasper and Felix were definitely in trouble. Anyway they are still all being brilliantly looked after by Tracy (and Kev and Jack), and I’m sure all will be fine.

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