Kittens On The Front-Page

Today I sent photos of our kittens to Cony in Germany to put up on their web-site, where people who are interested can look and get more details.

I’ve just checked their Katzenherzen site and looked under: “Wir suchen ein Zuhause”, And it was great to see Bonny, Felix, Jasper, Bono, Jack and Bruno right there on the front page, looking REALLY cute!

2 thoughts on “Kittens On The Front-Page

  1. Chris

    Good to see, that is a very cute/clever photo they have used on their front page!!!

  2. Jenny

    I must admit I had a very close look at ‘Katzenherzen’…..I was anxious to confirm that Tinkerbell had not voted hereself back on the list!! Thankfully she is not there, so hopefully she has NOT blotted her copybook and continues to enjoy her life as ‘princess’! There are some lovely, beautiful cats featured, and just great to see our kitties on the front page. Whoever wisely selects Bonny and Jasper will have two adorable little buddies, they are so full of fun and very affectionate too. Fingers crossed for their lovely siblings too. It’s a very good website.

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