Korky Cat & Phoebe Photos

Happy Together

I have just received these great pictures of Korky & Phoebe together in their foster home in Germany.

These 2 were abandoned in the marina and then rescued by us, and were obviously the best of friends as you can see from my original pictures of them. They travelled to Germany as Easter cats on Good Friday, and it was obvious as soon as they arrived that they ‘loved each other’. The German girls are looking for a home for them together and today I heard that they have someone interested, so I await further good news.

For now they seem happy in their foster home so enjoy the photos!

Pretty Phoebe

Happy Together

Happy Together

Pretty Phoebe


3 thoughts on “Korky Cat & Phoebe Photos

  1. Chris

    Brilliant!!! Hope they can be found a home together as thet look so happy 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    The first photograph made me laugh it looks as tho they are trying really hard to understand what is being said to them in German – they have a slightly puzzled look on their faces.I am so glad they are together and look well fed etc. – it was a lucky day for them when we picked them up – they would never have survived outside.

  3. Chris

    Funny!!! I see what you mean.

    Think all the ones you guys ‘save’ are extremely lucky!

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