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Thank you to Pam for her strong comment below about our latest cat rescue. Having seen the pictures of these beautiful creatures in my last post, I’m sure that you can sympathise with her feelings. I have had conversations many times in the past about why I became involved in helping the stray cats, and it is definitely the abandoned ones that I feel most distressed for.

“Today made me realise that what we do for the stray cats in the Marina is totally 100% worthwhile. I have been feeding a black and white cat and his friend a big tabby cat for over a week. They had obviously been dumped in the second Darsena and had absolutely no idea how to fend for themselves. Feral cats have this inbuilt instinct to find food and water but house cats do not and I cannot believe that a fell0w human being could just dump 2 beautiful cats in the marina and leave them to fend for themselves – for once words fail me.

Sandra and I picked them up and put them in the carrying cages and off to Begonia our fabulous vet. Once insdie her Consulting Room they were out of the cage and microchipped and injected prior to their trip to Germany and a new home. Begonia couldn’t believe how they purred and purred and were
so gentle – I seriously hope that their original owners rot in hell.

We then drove to Dawns’s house and took them in, settled them down with a fresh litter tray, loads of food and 2 beds for them. We retired to Dawn’s lounge to see her feral cat who has big problems and eventually went back into the original cat’s room to find them huddled together in 1 bed with their paws around each other and the look of happiness on their little faces made it all worthwhile. I will never understand how people can abandon their beautiful cats.

I just hope that Sandra can contact Germany and make sure that these 2 beautiful cats are re-homed together because there is obviously a strong bond between them. To see them so happy and contented because they were off the streets and in a safe environment made it so worthwhile and I personally will carry on doing this for ever. I just wish that they had been microchipped because I would have named and shamed their original

Please support the Book Sale on Saturday because your money makes such difference to these poor cats.”

Thanks again Pam, and even those of you who disapprove of people feeding the stray animals, please remember that the money raised goes towards sterilisations of the feral cats, and to re-home the Korkys and Phoebes who are the lost and lonely ones.

The only other thought that I have on this whole issue of abandoned pets, is that there are probably desperate people out there who have to leave quickly. This is in no way an excuse for dumping their animals, but may be a reason, and at least these 2 appear to have been left near to other cats who were being fed … by luck or design. My wish is that, as we become better known, people would ring us before they leave their animals in the street. It would be easier for us and much less stressful for the cats in this case.

AND Finally … Korky and Phoebe already have a foster home waiting for them in Germany, and I’m sure our kinds friends over there will find them loving families in no time! They are SOoo gorgeous.

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  1. Chris

    It is a shame for sure, but you can only do your best!!! IF you want people to be notifying you then I think you need to promote yourselves more, and dare I say it accept the fact that this is more than a ‘interest’ as if you make a commitment to accept strays like that you have to have the means to sustain the ‘service’.

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