Korky & Phoebe Update

Spoke to Dawn today about Korky and Phoebe, our latest rescues. It seems they are both fine after their sterilisations on Friday, and after a final jab on Monday, their passports will be ready for travel.

Dawn is convinced that they were definitely somebody’s cats, as they are completely at home in her house. In fact Korky is so at home that he is making friend’s with the locals. Whilst Dawn was talking to me today, a rather pretty grey female, sauntered down the stairs from her roof terrace, apparently to visit Korky! Dawn thinks (or maybe hopes) that this is a neighbour’s cat and not another stray that Korky has invited home!

Phoebe meanwhile is far quieter and less demanding but is also a lovely affectionate cat. I’m sure someone in Germany is going to love both of them.

They were due to travel on Saturday 11th on the van transport with Jos, but now it seems likely that they may have to fly from Alicante on the 12th. This would be to accommodate cats from another rescue home, but is still something I’m hoping to avoid, as they would have to fly in the hold. We will see. Either way I’m sure they will be fine, and in the meantime they are having a great time, and being thoroughly spoilt by Dawn!

1 thought on “Korky & Phoebe Update

  1. Chris

    That is funny. God news they will be heading off to new homes soon!

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