Korky & Phoebe

We now have definite confirmation that Korky and Phoebe were abandoned and are from the same home.

Pam was talking to an English lady on one of the boats last night who actually saw them being pushed out of a car, which then drove off. This was very early one morning. I don’t have the right words for these people, apart from the hope that they did actually leave them where they did because they knew other strays were being fed there, rather than it being just a lucky chance.

These 2 as Dawn will testify are the most sweet loving creatures, so their previous owners must have cared and been good to them. It is therefore so hard to understand anyone just dumping them. I hope this isn’t going to happen more, particularly in light of the dog that Pam and I rescued yesterday, also having been pushed out of a car!


3 thoughts on “Korky & Phoebe

  1. Chris

    Hopefully some day people may be able to grab a photo of the car numberplate, or the people. They certainly deserve to be exposed and shamed!!

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