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The communication is great. We already have more news from Germany since my last post about the new arrivals. The best news is that Bonny’s ‘foster’ Mum has already fallen in love with her and what was a trial home is now a permanent one. A big factor in this is probably that having cried for her brother Felix for several hours, little Bonny is now best friends with Blacky, her new owner’s kitten!

Here is Martina’s latest email:

“yes…i think you are right..after what i saw ? when felix was gone…bonni was crying (?) all the way to wiesbaden…thats what i thought…i had tears in my eyes ! when we arrived in wiesbaden…she went out of the box, was running around, started to play, was eating…as blaky saw her..shock !!!!!!!!! she (blacky) was grumbling so loud…thats why i waited there for about two hours…bonni showed NO reaction of blacky’s grumbling….gave kisses to her foster mum…now her real mum…and was playing…blacky was always 50 cm behind her…a few minutes ago eva called me…and could not believe, what she saw…they were sleeping in one bed, nose on nose…peace ! :o) i worried…for nothing !!!
tabitha is really nice..i was so surpriced !!! guapa who lives already in mannheim ( from an organisation in katalonien ) needs a friend….she is waiting all day long at the door to the garden….to see if male cat moppel, is going to visit her every day…she was very friendly to him from the first second…so i´m sure, she is happy to meet tabitha…
long long day…but a happy one ! :o)”

Isn’t that fantastic?

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  1. Chris

    Yep, fantastic. They really care for the cats don’t they ….

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