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You will see from my previous post that another of our Almerimar kittens has found a permanent home in Germany. This is great news for Adalita, but not a great surprise as she was a little charmer.

This news led me to wonder what was happening with our remaining 2, Lulu and Coreena, that Dawn and Nick fostered for over 2 months, and also Carmen and Ferdi, my cat Saidi’s Grandkids.

I was therefore really pleased to get this further news from Martina in Germany:

Lulu and Coreena are together in Mainz ( 50 km from here ) they live in their foster home with a dog and do not have any fear !only the dog is afraid of them…;o) they are so lovely and wild…playing whole day long, like to sleep on the neck of her fostermama….;o) tomorrow somebody who is interested in them will visit them, i tell you about the result !
for carmen and ferdi i will ask for more news…they are in switzerland ! a few days ago they told us, that both cats are cute and not so shy…:o)

Here’s hoping that we get some really good news about Lulu and Coreena soon; it would be great if they could stay together as they are such good friends … like sisters. Actually, as I have written before, Coreena is the sister of Carmen and Ferdi and Saidi’s 3rd grandkid, so I have a particular reason for wanting her settled as well!

4 thoughts on “Latest News From Germany

  1. Chris

    Looking good. Cats are simple really ….. give them food warmth and affection and they give a whole lot back in return!!!

    Bit like husbands really 🙂

  2. Mary

    Great to hear, seems I preempted you with my last question! If cats are a bit like husbands, I hope you don’t have to change his litter tray!

  3. Chris

    I have heard that at a certain age than can become the case!

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