Lena – A Lovely Lady

15/07/13: Lena also travelled to germany on Saturday and all is very well with her in her new family: “What a sweet girl!!! I loved her when I saw her yesterday. She is fine. She came out the box and was at home. THe other cat Sammy is still sceptical but Lena is not interested in his distrust! Her adoptants love her!”
27/06/13: Today is a very good day for me, because Lena is now out of Pechina, and as there will be a homecheck for her in Germany in the next few days, I hope she actually has her family. This is really important to me because she and little Leah were 2 of the longer term residents of Pechina that I SO wanted to help. Both kept getting colds and being put in small cages for long periods, and I promised both of them that it would be their turn soon. Now I have both these little ladies relaxing in my foster room, and I am hoping that both will be off to better lives soon. They so deserve this because both are sweet friendly cats, and while other more photogenic ones have escaped the shelter sooner, I was determined
that they would get their chance.

06/06/13: Lena is another beautiful, friendly female cat of between 1 and 2 years, still at SOS Pechina. I first saw her there months ago and I am determined that she will be out of there in the next few weeks. She has spent many weeks during that time, caged while she recovered from a bad cold, but like most of the cats, now that there are less there, Lena is much healthier now. She is a good weight and, apart from slightly dirty eyes, she looks good. I took these photos about 10 days ago, and I hope that they show what a really pretty lady she is.

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