Let Autistic Girl Have Her Dog Back!

Last week, a pound for strays in Liverpool picked up a Jack Russell mix named Charlie. But Charlie isn’t a stray — he belongs to a little girl with autism, and the pound is charging her dad 100 pounds to get him back.

Last week, a man named Wayne Johnson was walking his Jack Russell cross, Charlie, when the terrier slipped his leash and chased another dog before disappearing. Wayne looked for him for hours, but couldn’t find him. Now, Charlie is being held in a pound for strays in Liverpool — and the shelter is charging Wayne 100 pounds to get him back.

But Charlie isn’t just Wayne’s dog. He belongs to Wayne’s daughter, Jessica, who has autism. Jessica desperately needs Charlie to provide her with the comfort she has trouble finding elsewhere — and she’ll be devastated if he’s given to another family, which is what will happen if her father can’t produce the fee soon.

Unfortunately, Wayne is on Employment Support Allowance. He just doesn’t have the money to get Jessica’s b eloved dog back and make sure she’s healthy and well-fed, too.

It’s absolutely unfair that these unlucky circumstances might force an autistic girl to lose her childhood companion forever. Ask the Liverpool Dog Wardens to give Jessica her dog back before it’s too late!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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