Lincolnshire Pig Farm Petition

I think the least an animal deserves in dignity, care and consideration. I know many feel that the consumption of an animal is wrong, and I totally respect and understand that but as long as there is a food chain including animals the leats we can do is ensure they have a good life, are well cared for and killed in as painless and stressless way as possible.

If plans for an intensive pig farm in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, are approved, nearly 2,000 pigs at a time will be crammed into a small building, where they’ll never be able to breathe fresh air or see daylight.

At just 20 to 24 weeks old, the pigs will be packed onto a lorry and sent to the abattoir, where workers will slit their throats and leave them to bleed out.

Chris, local residents have described the proposal as an “atrocity” – they are worried about overwhelming odours, noise, and pollution and don’t want this misery on their doorstep.

Will you join them in speaking out against this horrific proposal by signing the petition to North Kesteven District Council?

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