Lions and tigers don’t deserve to be squeezed into backyard cages

Big cats are not pets, and pretending they are is animal abuse. Tigers, lions, and leopards have unique, demanding needs that simply cannot be met in households or roadside zoos. These spectacular creatures require specific diets and natural habitats that allow them to hunt, play, and thrive. Yet time and time again big cats are found being kept illegally in inhumane and traumatizing conditions — in people’s houses, backyards, and sheds. 

Estimates suggest that over 10,000 big cats are being kept as pets or in roadside zoos in the United States right now, more than the total number of tigers remaining in the wild! The conditions in these environments can lead to a lifetime of psychological turmoil, and in worst cases, end up with another member of an endangered species dead. 

While researchers and animal rights activists have been describing how dangerous and harmful big cat ownership can be for decades, Congress continues to drag their feet on action. Sign now if you agree that the Big Cat Safety Act is long overdue, and must be passed now to protect these brilliant animals!

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