Liro & Moca

25/09/12: You have already met their mothers so it is time to meet these 2 beautiful little siam-mix boys. Liro was rescued with his mother Lila by Montse in Almeria, and Moca comes from close to Murcia, where he was found by Bee and Chris along with his mother Mira. These 2 little boys, both born in March of this year, met in their new forever home after they traveled to Germany on the last transport 08.09. They have a lovely new Mum and a very lovely big dog to be their special friend. You can see from the latest photos that all is very well with them. Their new Mum Jennifer loves them, and is laughing at Moca’s love of sitting in the sink and drinking from the toilet. This is very Spanish, as bathrooms are cool places in Summer. I look forward to more great photos of their new life together. Already they seem very good friends.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.


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