Little Chivers & Friends


Little Chivers & Best Mate Edi

At the end of July I posted the first great photos of little Chivers in his new home. These are new ones of him loving his new friend Edi, and being kissed by the home’s older, bigger cat!

Amazingly people still ask me if we are really sending our cats to Germany, to good homes, or to strange people who may do dreadful things to them. I hope that if people look at photos like these, they will be reassured, and realise that there are lots of lovely, animal loving people in this world, and that we are SO lucky to have found some who are giving their time to help our cats, with the best possible motives!!!

I still don’t know quite why these wonderfully kind German people want to help and adopt our Almerimar cats, I am just very glad that they do, and that they further make the effort to send us lovely photos to make us smile. Enjoy!!!


Little Chivers & Best Mate Edi


Little Chivers & Best Mate Edi


Little Chivers & Best Mate Edi


Little Chivers & Best Mate Edi


AND She loves Him Too!

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