Little Lady Nikita

21/03/14: I am very pleased to be able to write that Nikita now has a foster home in Germany and will travel next weekend. My friend Jayne has kindly agreed to foster her for her last few days in Spain and this morning I went to Pechina to collect her. Her luck has changed.
18/03/14: This beautiful little lady of 8 years was left at Pechina by her previous owner 10 days ago. The reason she is now in a cattery with 20+ other cats and no home luxuries is because her owner’s babies seemed to be allergic to her. This is very sad for Nikita and I am very worried that she will quickly become sick there because she will have very little resistance to any sickness. I never understand how people can leave their ‘loved’ pets in rescues, where they can sit for months unloved. When I started helping the cats at Pechina there were more than 60 in the cattery pen and many were sick. Now with the help of the girls in Germany, many cats from Pechina have new families and the numbers are staying down, but I have not seen many cats adopted from Pechina locally. I think without us there would be little hope for cats like Nikita. Maybe her previous family did not realise what they were doing, when they abandoned her there. I am hoping that I can find a way to get her out quickly.


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