Live animals are being dismembered at these shops

How can this be allowed to happen? And in America!!!!!!

Animal Cruelty is Rampant in Bay Area Live Animal Markets. Demand an Investigation!

A shocking new investigation by Animal Outlook found 11 welfare violations at shops around the San Francisco Bay Area that actively slaughter and sell live animals. These businesses are in clear violation of the law, and local authorities must act now to shut down vendors that are putting the health and well-being of both animals and humans at risk!

Sign now to demand San Francisco Animal Care and Control investigate this abuse and shut down any vendors that are found in violation of animal welfare or human health laws!

Disturbing undercover footage from the investigation shows multiple instances of shocking, violent acts against both mammals and reptiles. According to California state law, dismembering, flaying, or cutting open any animal while it is still alive is illegal. Local officials should treat this case with high stakes, and must find the people violating the law as soon as possible. Sign the petition and help us put pressure on San Francisco Animal Care and Control to conduct a proper investigation and shut these vendors and shops down as soon as possible!

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