Lizzy & James’s Lovely New Life

03/03/12: In the last hour I have received the first photos of Lizzy and James in their new home. They look GREAT and very relaxed! “I was finally able to take some pictures of James and Lizzy. They’re doing fine, but they are still kind of shy and they only allow me to touch them when they are hungry. I really love those two tigers.” Mum Veronika sounds lovely, and Lizzy looks fatter and much healthier. This is a VERY VERY happy ending! After all her traumas, Lizzy’s will now be safe and loved for the rest of her life, and she has her brother James with her too, AND a very gentle looking new dog friend. They look close and happy! Well done to everyone. We got there in the end!!!

Lizzy & James’s New Home

Lizzy & James's New Home
Lizzy & James's New Home

Lizzy & James's New Friend

18/12/12: The latest VERY good news is that Lizzy is absolutely fine after her 10 days as an escapee. Her new Mum Veronika has commented below: “They’re still afraid of me, but I think it will get better when they realize that they have found their final home, and a mum who really loves them.” Lucky cats! AND she will send me new photos as soon as they are more comfortable. I am happy for them both, but particularly Lizzy, our little survivor, who has had a very tough time for such a pretty little cat.

Lizzy In Cobdar Spain

James In Cobdar Village

14.12.11: An update on Lizzy is long overdue. Since my last post she has had further surgery, found her forever home, traveled to Germany and had an unplanned adventure! This all started with her second trip to vet Miguel about 10 days after her first operation to have her stitches removed. He found that the pull pressure applied to her abdomen wall in order to close the original hernias had caused another weak spot to rupture. She needed a further smaller operation to repair this, and then once again returned to her village home with Susan and brother James. The same week we had the news that an adoptant had been found in Germany for James, who would also take Lizzy. This was with an experienced cat family, one older cat, and with access to the garden an option for the future. All was looking very good for their future.

Chris drove up to Cobdar to collect James and Lizzy 2 days before the 02.12 transport and took them to Miguel for final tests and vaccinations. We then put them together in a large cage ready for the early Friday morning start, AND we thought selected a strong box for them to travel in together. James seemed wary and Lizzy very afraid at this point so it was very important that they could not get out! As it turned out the box was NOT strong enough, and when it was accidentally hit during transfer from the transport to a car, the door gave in and we lost both cats!!!

They ran into the waste countryside behind the small industrial development in Bruchsal where the cats are unloaded. Chris, Mick and the girls looked for them for some time but it soon became clear that these semi-feral cats were not going to come back easily. So began 10 days of worry and work, with traps set, posters put up, and help sought from the local people. On the day after the escape, several of the girls traveled the 160km back to Bruchsal to search again, before we all accepted that it was going to take more time.

I think 2 days later there was a cat found in one of the traps, but this was not James or Lizzy. It turned out to be a tame male who had been missing for over 2 years. He is now back with his amazed and happy family. Some good had already come from our bad situation, and I felt happier that cats could obviously survive in this place for a long time, and find food and shelter. Lizzy had been sighted during the initial searches but nobody had seen James. We were therefore all very relieved when on Thursday morning James was trapped. We remained very worried about Lizzy as it was only 10 days after her last operation and infection remained a small risk. It was also very cold, and as Lizzy is a tiny little cat, I felt she was very vulnerable and not resistant to many days without good food.

On Monday night there was a phone call via an automobile agency, of a sighting of Lizzy a little way away, and the plan was to move some of the traps. Then yesterday came the news that we had all been waiting for. Lizzy was found in the same trap as James before her. Her lovely adoptant came immediately to collect her and take her to James and we await further news. This is the end of a very stressful 10 days for everyone involved. I am happy and relieved that Lizzy and James are now both safe and seem fine, and also that this search, and all the work involved for the Katzenherzen girls, is over and has not dragged on for weeks.

I and all who care about Lizzy and James can sleep easy, knowing that a mistake has been rectified, and no permanent harm has been done. In fact we have rescued one lovely missing cat into the bargain!! For Lizzy in particular, I hope for a relaxed and quiet time after what has been for her a tough few weeks. MaHie has told me that their new Mum is lovely, and will love them both completely. AND with this latest good news, our 02.12 transport is FINALLY completed. A little later than anticipated, all the cats are now safely delivered to their adoptants or foster homes!

Lizzy In TheTrap

09.11.11: Susan did get Lizzie into a box and she made her appointment with Miguel on Monday. He examined her and found 2 holes in Abdomen wall, and 1 huge and one small resultant hernia. When Susan spoke to him after her operation, he had also found holes in her uterus, and fragments of dead kitten in her abdomen, which must have been there for over a year since the attack. He has now repaired everything and sterilised her, and she is doing brilliantly. Back home after an overnight stay at Miguel’s, she was happy to greet her friends, and feed her 10 week old kitten, and has slept and eaten well. Today she is lying in the sun on the terrace, AND she is a perfect patient as she has not touched her stitches and even the dressing is intact. What a little star. She will go back to Miguel on the 16th to have her stitches out, and for more vaccinations.

15/10/11: Lizzie has not so far been cooperative. This rather clever girl used her 6th sense on Friday morning to detect that Susan was ‘up to something’ and wanted nothing to do with her at breakfast time. Susan ended up meeting me at my vet empty handed, but did go away with my trap. She will try again on Thursday. Catching Lizzie is becoming slowly more urgent, as she is already frisking around the males again, and another litter of kittens will result, which is not going to do her or us any good at all!!

12/10/11: It appears that there are 2 very similar beauties in Cobdar. I have corrected my photo titles. 2 are of lizzie’s friend Katinka, pictured with a litter of her kittens and sunning herself on a window-ledge. Meanwhile news of Lizzie is that, as long as Susan can box her, she will go to Miguel on Friday for investigation and an operation. Montse has kindly agreed to take her in for the week while she recovers. She will then most likely go back to Cobdar and her brother James while we look for a suitable home for them together. AND later I will tell you more of Katinka!!!

05/10/11: This is lizzie. She is now 15-18 months old. but when she was 7 months she was badly attacked by some dogs that killed a number of other cats in her village of Cobdar. They threw her up in the air but she somehow managed to survive.
She is from the same village as Theo (Diego) and Muffin, Comet etc. Also Henrietta, Maria and Carmen. Susan is trying to help all these beautiful cats. Susan saw the dogs and took a big stick to help Lizzie and saved her life. Lizzie is still nervous but Susan thinks she can now catch her because she comes into her house for food every day. After the attack Susan saw no blood but Lizzie was the wrong shape and 2 days later she aborted her kittens.

Susan thinks her injuries were internal BUT she has lived and had 2 more litters. The problem is that she has a lump on her right side, a little like a hernia AND Susan has seen that she is incontinent. For now she is feeding her one remaining (5 week) kitten from her last litter but in 2-3 weeks I want to try and take her to Miguel so he can see how we can help her. Later maybe we could think about finding her a home, but better with her brother James who is friendly and tame and whom she loves. Lizzie is a very small, pretty siam-mix female, and after her brave survival, I really think she deserves her chance.

I have asked the girls in Germany if they can run a campaign to raise money as this little girl is going to need a possibly expensive operation, but if anyone else reads this and would like to help her, I would be very grateful.

Beautiful Lizzie

Lizzie’s Injury

Lizzie’s Injury

Beautiful Lizzie

Beautiful Friend Katinka

Beautiful Friend Katinka

Cuddling With James

Cool-Cat Brother James


6 thoughts on “Lizzy & James’s Lovely New Life

  1. Chris

    Stitches came out today and she is looking good. Slight swelling which Miguel says will go down in next week and is natural. Feisty little lady to say the least!!!

  2. Chris

    James was at the vet as well this morning, and he was a bit of a handful, but is healthy and good to travel now 🙂

  3. Veronika Albert

    Hi, my name is Veronika. James and Lizzy are doing fine. They’re still afraid of me, but I think it will get better if they realize that they have found their final home, and the mum who really loves them.
    As soon as they are more comftorbable in their new home I’ll take pictures and post them on your site.



  4. Sands Post author

    Thankyou so much for telling me about them, and for giving them a home. I am very happy that they are with you, and safe together again. Sorry for the delay in them arriving!
    Sandra x

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