Ljubo, the bear, suffering in a cage in 93-degree heat. Why won’t authorities act?

Animal Survival International (ASI) has been fighting to free Ljubo since we discovered his nightmare existence in 2022. 

Our worst fears have been realized. After briefly being rehomed to an enclosure, Ljubo, a six-year-old brown bear, in the Balkan nation of Montenegro is back in a cage. We have proof that he is being exhibited to the public with no valid zoo license and while his permission to exhibit the bear is under legal challenge.

At our urging, the Montenegrin veterinary administration allowed an international group of bear experts to visit Ljubo in June. Shortly before the experts arrived, Ljubo’s captor hastily constructed an enclosure adjoining the cage. The bear experts said the enclosure had highlighted many deficiencies in his care, but it was better than the cage. Just this week – in the middle of a blazing hot day – Ljubo was shut in his cage again with no way to reach his larger enclosure or his den to hide from visitor’s eyes.

Now the experts have left, the bear is back in a cage. Ljubo has nowhere to escape from visitors or cool down and is exposed to harsh sunlight in the enclosure. Visitors said he seemed to be suffering from the heat and was visibly panting heavily, pacing and holding the cage bars. They reported he seemed hungry and sad – and they were charged $6.00 (£4.30) to his captor for food for him. 

The bear experts found in their report that there is a complete lack of any previous regular veterinary care or proper record-keeping relating to Ljubo, and it is clear the facility falls far short of meeting any internationally recognized guidelines regarding ongoing veterinary care provided to any animal in its care. 

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2 thoughts on “Ljubo, the bear, suffering in a cage in 93-degree heat. Why won’t authorities act?

  1. Patricia

    I am interested in donating towards the release and rescue of Ljubo the Bear from the horrific nightmare situation. HOWEVER, I am very leery of donating to NetWork for Animals and Animal Survival International as both organizations have poor ratings. Therefore, if you know of a worthy a well-rated organization that rates well in Charity Navigator I’d appreciate knowing so that I can donate towards the release and freedom for this poor imprisoned bear. Those that are doing this to him need to be imprisoned themselves. Thank you.

  2. ALS Admin Post author

    Sorry don’t know of an alternative option.

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