10/02/13: lola arrived well at her foster home in Germany this morning, where she will stay for a week until her family can collect her. Foster Mum Jenni is a dog hairdresser, and has already given little Lola a much needed makeover. Now she looks pretty and well groomed, AND as she has allowed this attention, I am assuming she and her foster Mum have become friends already! Enjoy her before and after photos!!!

09/02/13: Lola is not a cat, she is an exception to my re-homing project, and a very welcome one. The charities I work with in Germany officially only re-home cats, but occasionally Kerstin and her friends will help us with a dog, and these for me are always for friends here. I heard about Lola (now 2) through my lovely Spanish friend Montse. She was about to be taken to the pound by her owner, who for some reason no longer wanted her! Fortunately for Lola, Kerstin was able to find a home quickly in Germany, and my friend Jayne agreed to take her for 2 weeks while I prepared her for travel.

She has had a lovely time here enjoying walks on the beach, eating good food and becoming VERY attached to Jayne. Lola is a funny little character; she is very affectionate once she trusts a person, but growls and snaps at strangers. As we don’t know what her previous home was like, she has been forgiven any bad behaviour, and I am sure she will be well understood in her new home, as she is off to become the new friend for a little Yorkie boy! I wish her a very happy and secure life. This new owner I am sure will not abandon her.

For the first week she will be very looked after by foster Mum Jenni in Germany until her new owners can collect her. As Jenni is a stylist for dogs, I am hoping little Lola will receive a much needed trim! Bon voyage Lola and a big thankyou to Jayne and Mike for taking this little lady into their home and making her new life possible.

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