Lucky Cat’s Amazing Rescue

14/06/11: Pam has just rung me to say that when she let Lucky out of the cage she didn’t run away but calmly sat by the bins waiting. The other cats were around as we chose to release her at feeding time. Her mother a pretty little grey cat, wandered up, and gave her a friendly cuff around the ears, as if to say “where have you been all this time?”, AND the 2 of them first went off to eat together, and were last seen wandering down the road like 2 old friends. for now definitely a good ending to our big rescue.

14/06/11: This morning early I helped Pam put Lucky in a cage for her car trip down to the port. She is eating well, and has been wormed and de-flead and seems healthy, so we have decided for now to let her free again with her old friends, but I hope this will not be the end of Lucky’s story.

She is the most beautiful, gentle girl and I would love to help her find a better, safer life. She was born in 2009 and has been fed by Pam from a young kitten. Unfortunately that Summer we had another litter of semi feral kittens that were in danger in the port, so Lucy and her siblings were never caught and brought in as babies. She IS happy as a port cat, but I really would like her to have more.

We are hoping in the next few weeks that we may have a place inside for Lucky where she can be properly assessed for re-homing. Putting her in a cat rescue with a lot of other cats we have decided is not right for her. In the meantime I wish her a safe time and i look forward to seeing her again soon.

12/06/11: This is a fantastic story and is our biggest cat rescue yet. Everyone I have spoken to is amazed by the help we eventually got and by Lucky’s resilience.

It is the story of one semi-feral port cat, who sneaked through a door that should not have been left open and found herself trapped on the roof of a deserted building. She was finally rescued on Friday June 10th after over a month. To read the full story, and see pictures of her rescue, including our hero of the day, click here

One VERY Lucky Cat


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  1. Jenny

    An amazing story, everyone very much relieved! Well done to all concerned with Lucky’s remarkable rescue.

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