Lucy the suffering elephant needs your help right now

Please sign to help Cher help Lucy. Cher, the Beloved Artist and Co-founder of Free the Wild, Has Offered to Help Lucy the Elephant!

Last year, Cher’s organization Free the Wild helped rescue Kaavan, a solitary and suffering elephant in Pakistan. Now, they’ve set their sights on helping Lucy. Lucy is a 45-year-old Asian elephant housed in inhumane conditions at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in frigid Alberta, Canada — even being left in the freezing snow. Lucy’s situation is urgent. She suffers from numerous health conditions, has difficulty walking around, and is withdrawn and depressed. Over the past several years, her condition has deteriorated significantly. Captive elephants, including those trapped at zoos, have an average lifespan of 45 years (Lucy’s current age) — meaning she is running out of time.

For over a decade, the Edmonton Valley Zoo has claimed that transporting Lucy to a sanctuary could put her life at risk due to an undiagnosed breathing problem. But it simultaneously refuses to allow outside elephant experts — professionals who are not biased or associated with the zoo — to examine her. It’s even previously turned down world-renowned specialists who have offered to come visit and assess Lucy for free, at no cost to the zoo or city! Luckily, Cher is determined to keep trying for Lucy’s sake. She has now sent a personal letter to the mayor of Edmonton as well as the zoo, offering to bring in an international expert to ascertain both what Lucy’s condition is and how Free the Wild can help. To prove it cares about Lucy, the Edmonton Valley Zoo MUST agree to work with Cher and Free the Wild. It should immediately allow this specialist in to see Lucy. Sign the petition to help this voiceless captive animal!

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