Lulu & Coreena

Cheeky Coreena

The latest news from Germany a few days ago was that Lulu and Coreena were doing well in their foster home, and a couple who were interested in them were about to visit. Lulu and Coreena are 2 of our Almerimar kittens and for a number of other reasons have a special place in my heart.

Lovable Lulu

We brought them to Almerimar along with the others because Gisela who runs the cat rescue home was ill in hospital. Lulu and Coreena had actually been struggling long before this, as they had been ill for ages with it turned out a fungus infection. This is why they became such good friends as they were put together in a room separate from the other kittens, who included Coreena’s brother and sister, Ferdi and Carmen. We had been worried about them for weeks and had affectionately called them the ‘fungus kids’. Gisela’s illness gave me the opportunity to intervene, along with Dawn and Nick kindly offering to take them in.

The day I brought Lulu from the cat home she weighed only 800g at 4 months, had half her fur missing and had a bad cold. Coreena was in better shape but was also thin and patchy. It seemed that after only about 2 weeks of Dawn and Nick’s loving care and Begona our vet’s expertise, these little buddies were different cats. Both had full coats again and Lulu had doubled her weight.

I have a particular soft spot for Coreena as, along with Carmen and Ferdi, she is my cat Saidi’s grandkid. She has always been the most nervous of the 2 as she was wild in the bushes until 6-8 weeks. Dawn and Nick however loved her cheekiness and the way she looked after Lulu who was more dependent and in need of love, having been bottle fed from 10 days old.

All our hopes were that these 2 would get to stay together, and now we have our wish, because the young couple loved them and are giving them a home. Yesterday and today I had these fantastic emails from Germany:

9/01/09: “lulu and coreena have a home!today they go to their new home, a lovely young couple near my home and they are very lucky. we are happy too, because they can stay together !
regards martina

10/01/09: “yes, we are so lucky too for lulu and coreena…they are so cute togehter. have different characters, but at the end of the day…they love to give each other hugs and kisses. i visited the young couples home by myself yesterday…and you see in her appartment, that they love cats so much :o))) the live on the other side of the river Rhein, where i live too…so i can visit them each time i want :o)))

I hope to get photos in their new home soon, but for now enjoy these pictues of 2 very happy cats in their foster home:

Snuggling Up

Looking Relaxed

Friends For Life

This is such an happy ending for these 2 who 3 months ago we thought may not even survive. Thank you again to Dawn and Nick and to everyone in Germany who has helped to make this happen.

10 thoughts on “Lulu & Coreena

  1. Chris

    That is great news, especially as it a a year today since we adopted Saidi.

    They look remarkable together ….. very hear warming!

  2. Mary

    They look so big now! And healthy! This is great news and I am sure Nick and Dawn will be delighted that they have got a home together.

  3. Dawn

    Nick and I are so very happy to learn that our ‘babies’ have a permanent home together. The photos show them looking very much in charge of their surroundings, no change there then.

    The stray we are nursing at the moment is slowly, very slowly getting used to the confines of the house, it will be some weeks before her wounds heal enough for her to be let out. She is getting used to the restictions of the collar and to her medication, so if anyone is looking for a lady cat, about six years old, not the most lovable cat but one in dire need of tlc plese stand in line.

  4. Jenny

    Lulu and Coreena

    Absolutely unbelievable fotos of these two very lucky little cats – you just would not recognize them as being the same poor little mites that looked so piteous a couple of months ago. And we are all so relieved that they get to stay together (and live happily ever after!) – if ever two little kitties deserve it, they do! Well done to Dawn and Nick for taking such great care of them and making them what they are! And Sands for making it happen for them!

  5. Chris

    Would be great to hear back from the new owners of all these cats from time to time 🙂

  6. Dawn

    On a lighter note;

    A Tom cat hijacked a plane, stuck a pistol in the pilots ribs and demanded “Take me to the Canarys”

  7. Sands Post author

    Actually they look great in the photos from Germany AND seem to have grown a lot in the few weeks since they left here.

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