Make it a legal requirement to stop and report it if you run over a cat!

In the UK you are required by law to report it to the police if you run over a dog. However, a cat does not fall within the remit of the Road Traffic Act and therefore you do not need to report the incident.

If the government made it a legal requirement to report hitting a cat with a car it would give them the best chance of survival rather than suffering by the roadside and it would give the family peace of mind and closure.

Sign now to tell the government to include cats in this law.

Care2 petition author Mandy says,

“I have cats, always have and always will, and I couldn’t be without them. They are there every morning I wake and wait for my return from work with some purrs and a tail in the air.

I have had cats ‘vanish’ so I suspect I have lost cats to being run over. Family members and friends have lost many cats to hit and runs. It has always been a mystery to me why the law discards cats as vermin who do not feel pain or have feelings. They deserve better. As do the owners who search the streets for months on end looking for their cat when all along it is in some bin somewhere discarded like rubbish.

We microchip our animals for the reason we want to be notified. I feel I owe it to the cats to give them a voice. Considering cats are one of the most popular pets it’s a surprise that the Road Traffic Act does not apply to them in the same way as it does to dogs and I believe it is time this changed. The government should expand the law to cover the welfare of our cats in the UK like they have for dogs and other animals.”

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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