Manchi & Zander

16/03/13: It seems that after 2 months in their new home in Germany together, these 2 are very good friends! Sweet!!!
15/01/13: Manchi actually spent her last week in Spain in my foster room, so I had the pleasure of her cuddles and chatter. She IS a complete darling. She and Zander both traveled to Germany on Saturday’s transport and are fine. Manchi however has competition for cuddles as Zander, having spent most of the last 2 months in cages, in desperate for all the attention he can get and is trying to monopolise their new parents! I am sure things will settle down and these 2 lovely cats will become good friends.

Close Friends
Close Friends

19/12/12: Today I am very happy to be able to write that little Manchi has her forever home and will finally get out of SOS Pechina are months there. I saw her when I first visited in June, and her photos on their homepage gallery at the time were dated even earlier. She is a lovely little cat, and is always one of the first to jump on my lap when I visit, but I was worried that with her very dark looks she was not particularly photogenic. Now I don’t need to worry about her any more, and I will be looking for a foster home for her in January for her last weeks here. Manchi will have a lovely boyfriend in her new home because her Mum decided to adopt 2 cats and wanted a longer haired male. This was perfect because I had just taken the very handsome Zander out of Pechina. He is about 5 years old to Manchi’s almost 2, but I am sure she will like this gentle, friendly boy. It has to be said that his fur is currently terrible and he is very thin, but he has put on weight fast in the last week and I am sure in the next few weeks he will become again the tall, elegant cat he is supposed to be.

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