Meat is coming from factory farms where animals rot to death

We all know by this point that factory farms are vastly overcrowded facilities where animals are shoved in like inanimate objects at a profit-maximizing warehouse, cramped together so tightly they must trod over each other just to make basic movements. Now we’re also finding out that these facilities are stuffed with preemptively rotting flesh. A recent undercover investigation in the UK found that three factory farms tasked with supplying meat to the largest British supermarkets are overrun with dead, decaying chickens — often due to dehydration and neglect.

To sell meat as quickly as possible, factory farms stuff chickens with growth hormones that make their bodies unnaturally plump at levels their little bones can’t handle. As a result, the birds’ legs become too weak to carry them around — and walking to facilities’ “water points” becomes impossible. So, overwhelmed by thirst, desperate to drink, the animals can only stare longingly at the water as their bodies slowly break down and they die painful, tragic deaths, enclosed on all sides by the chickens who will wind up on our grocery shelves. After the creatures die, they essentially become litter, lost underfoot as their former companions are forced to walk around on their decomposing bodies.

This is obviously completely unacceptable — both for the animals, and for the humans who then eat chickens that lived in completely unsanitary conditions. Tell the UK government to investigate these factory farms for their gross negligence and animal cruelty, and to implement stricter regulations now!

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